LK – The Light Experience has completed their biggest project, the Landmark 81, Vietnam’s tallest skyscraper, built by vietnamese biggest developer Vingroup. They have invited REMAKE.TV to support with the light- and videoshow for one of the 10 tallest skyscrapers of this world and produce the film documentation LK Technology – Landmark 81.

REMAKE.TV Image Film - Landmark 81
REMAKE.TV Image Film – Landmark 81

The Challenge from LK Technology

I was invited to Ho Chin Minh City from LK – The Light Experience to support the creativ team in creating a light show for the world premiere of Landmark 81. The LED panels on the facade of the building consist of three parts. In the bottom, there are LED Lines, that can change from dark to light and warm to cold white. In the middle of the building there are video dots, that create a super rough video image on the various surfaces of the building. On top, there is an antenna, also with video dots.

REMAKE.TV Image Film - Landmark 81 - Lights
Landmark 81 – Lights

The challenge was to create a light show, that would support the interesting, cubic architecture of the building and also take into account, that the neighboring buildings would not get irritating light pollution. It had to be slow but not boring.

REMAKE.TV Image Film - Landmark 81 - Lightshow
Landmark 81 – Lightshow

I designed a dramatic show, that started with making the different part of the building visible. Starting in black, white lines made the building visible. Later on I added color and a story of the four elements: water, fire, wind, earth. Of course I took into account the color connotations in the vietnamese culture. I emphasized yellow, the color of wealth, prosperity, royalty, happiness, since Landmark 81 was mainly a business building.

Friendly Vietnamese Team

Image Film Teamwork

Working with a vietnamese team was one of the greatest experiences I ever had. Everyone at LK tech was very devoted to the project. Since the deadline was very tight, we had to do very long hours, but it was so much fun, that the days just passed like nothing. Also the hospitality was great, I never experienced something alike with other customers.

Teamwork is sucess

Documentation Landmark 81

I shot this little documentation LK Technology – Landmark 81 on the side for LK tech and REMAKE.TV so we would have some memory of these wonderful days. I had to climb almost to the top of the 461,2 m tall building, to film the light dots getting assembled to the building. I wouldn’t have imagined, how windy it was up there. Enjoy this short movie!

REMAKE.TV Image Film - Landmark 81 - Happy Customer
Landmark 81 – Happy Customer